Lloyd of Klun

Lloyd of Klun is a study in enigmas.

He appears in a suit of plate armour whose muzzle-like visor is never lifted from his face, inscribed with glowing violet runes and swathed in a black cloak and mantle with black sealfur boots. He carries a black oak staff shod in copper stamped with runes that shimmer and glow with heat.

He is one of the more feared magicians of the Fimian Islands and a known enemy of the nobles of Mayverne who exiled him as a child. He dwells in the hall of Klun, it’s de facto ruler by force and his men often raid the south-west coastal villages while trading with the larger ports.

Nobody knows how a magician bears armour and hurls spells. Lloyd not only does so with impunity but is dreaded for his sorcerous power. Whispers of dark pacts only serve to enhance his reputation. Among the Fimian pirates, he is known as someone not to cross unless you like being shipwrecked or eaten by demons.

Lloyd of Klun

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