Halathain Empire

Nations of the Empire

Halath (Imperial seat) – Along the Halat river, the Empire prospers.

Jorvane – Predominantly forest and inland. The breadbasket of the Empire.

Dymor – Deepwater ports and wily traders reside in Dymor’s hills.

Cythria – A mountainous land, plagued by undead.

Astaria – The plains of Astaria hold much wealth and plenty of adventure.

Romil – Once the heart of the Romilian Empire, hard land breeds hard hearts.

Orbas – The jewelbox of the Empire; it’s mountains hold incredible wealth.

The seven nations of the Halathain Empire are the cradle of civilisation if you believe the merchants of the Empire; their military might and construction of things like roads and client villages provide it’s citizens with stability, safety and the ability to progress according to their merits.

There are those who view the Empire’s presence as intrusive, perhaps expansionist but the Halathain Empire has conducted fewer military campaigns against areas they wish to expand into, preferring to trade their way in and show the benefits of living their way compared to fighting other clans and tolerating dragonrider raids.

The Empire is noted for it’s chivalric and monastic orders as well as disciplined legions of soldiers yet it’s martial roots are employed in civil roles as well as military ones. A mercenary can find work as a watch officer or a caravan guard if they are willing to work within the Empire and prove their worth.

Political power is consolidated in Halath but flows to the member nations and back in a steady rhythm. No individual nation is isolated and while they may jostle for influence, a letter from Halath will settle disputes short of blood vendettas; which are usually resolved before Halath can respond.

Halathain Empire

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