Welcome to Mayverne

Built on the ruins of empires carved out by monsters and magicians, surviving the scars of elemental backlash; Mayverne, the Halathain Empire and the Njornmark strive for dominance by war and intrigue. Aside from these nations, there are tribal homelands and clan strongholds who seek to survive where others have fallen.

The Halathain Empire seeks to control trade and enforce citizenship in return for certain concessions, the Njornamark sends dragonriders and armies against any who deny their supremacy while Mayverne seeks it’s own path and independence in the face of humanoid raids and incursions from the other two nations.

The Kings of Mayverne have been great heroes. Their regalia have made heroes of warriors, there are stirring songs of epic victories and old alliances with the clans and tribes. There has not been a King in the land for some time – the nobles of Mayverne are too fractious to even accept a leader, let alone submit to a King.

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